Regular Hygiene Appointments for Good Oral Health 

Good oral health relies on the central role of dental hygiene. 

Even individuals who diligently brush and floss at home may have difficult-to-reach areas where plaque and tartar can build up. A professional scale and polish will remove all traces of both tartar and plaque, which are major contributors to gum disease, dental decay, and tooth loss.

During a dental hygiene appointment, you can receive valuable advice on improving your home cleaning routine. This may include learning how to use specialised tools like interdental brushes to target those hard-to-reach areas, selecting the appropriate toothpaste, and refining your brushing technique. You can also also benefit from dietary advice, including how to cut down on sugar in your diet, which will improve your oral and general health.

Dental hygiene treatments are highly effective in removing common teeth stains, leading to a brighter smile without the need for teeth whitening procedures. This option is particularly beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding patients who are advised to avoid teeth whitening altogether.

Helping to avoid tooth loss and gum disease is important when it comes to protecting your general as well as your dental health as gum disease has been linked to many conditions, and tooth loss can affect your diet.

Along with your regular check-ups, it’s important to include dental hygiene appointments every 3 – 6 months.


To book a clean and polish with our Dental Therapist Nicola Henry, please call our practice on

01324 624630 today. Typically, a hygiene appointment at EnVisage Falkirk will be from £57.


Airflow can be seen as a more affordable alternative to teeth whitening without the need for bleaching agents.

By utilising a combination of air, jet water, and sodium bicarbonate powder, airflow polish helps to eliminate stubborn stains for a brighter, whiter smile. It also promotes healthier gums by removing discoloration, stains, and soft deposits from your teeth.

From £87