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Dental Implants Falkirk

The Benefit of Dental Implants

Do you want a long-term alternative to dentures which will feel great and look fantastic?
Do you have missing or damage teeth which need replacing?

The answer could be dental implants.
Why? Because dental implants have several advantages over less permanent alternatives.

  • They keep your natural smile and maintain the shape of your face
  • They offer a stable, long-lasting replacement
  • You worry less about the foods you eat
  • They help protect the teeth round about them

In short, dental implants are the next best thing to getting your own teeth back!

Implant Experience

When it comes to dental implants our Falkirk patients benefit from the considerable experience of Dr Brendan Murphy in this complex field.

In addition to being our clinical director, Dr Murphy has more than 20 years placing dental implants in his cosmetic dentistry practice Glasgow.

Dr Murphy has studied implantology on courses in the UK and Europe and completed the one year dental implant course with Crawford Bain in 2005 and further.

This ensure patients at Envisage Falkirk receive top class treatment at competitive prices and without having to travel long distances.


How much do dental implants cost?

Currently a single dental implant costs £1050 but this drops to £1000 per replacement tooth when you need more than one implant.

How do we break down these costs? Dr Murphy, our highly experienced implants dentist, allocates one hour 15 minutes of surgery time to place your dental implant. We request an initial £100 deposit to cover this as well as essential material costs as late cancellations can be costly. However this is deducted from your final implant cost.

We charge £1050 for implants if you are just getting one and £1000 each for implants if you are getting more than one. A dental crown on an implant costs £900 (costs include all gold post components) while multiple crowns cost £850 each.

Bridgework costs are similar at £900 per initial bridge tooth and £850 for additional bridge teeth.

We can also attach dentures via gold locators on implants. These cost £1900 per appliance. Alternatively they can be attached to milled titanium bars which are fabricated using the latest cadcam technology. These cost £4500 but may replace all of your upper or lower teeth.

Examples of Dr Murphy's implant dentistry in Glasgow can be seen here, including before and after photographs and implant case studies.

You are under no obligation to make a decision about implants until your dentist has explained your options to you and given you a detailed briefing about your treatment.

What are dental implants?

They are the most up to date and, for most patients, the most satisfactory way of replacing teeth.

In practical terms a dental implant is a hollow titanium screw with an external thread. Once this has been placed into the bone by your dentist he can add a dental fixture, such as a dental crown or a bridge or even a denture on top. 

The end goal is to give you something that is fixed and looks good and means you can eat food again with that area of your mouth. It should give you more confidence in your teeth and return your smile to the way it was.     

dental implants - how they work

Are dental implants reliable?

Principal implant dentist, Dr Brendan Murphy is very well-qualified to carry out implant dentistry and has many years experience in the field.

The technology is highly advanced and implant failures are very rare. It is possible this could happen however, in which case we offer our patients (those who are non-smokers) a solid guarantee that should their implant fail within the year we will replace it free of charge.

It's impossible to guarantee an implant will last forever as this often depends, for example, on the care and condition of your gums round the implant.

It is very important to follow your dentist's aftercare advice